Available page types

Available page types

Each page has its own default sections and settings.

  • Product pages: By default, product pages have a Product information section and a Product recommendations section.

  • Collection pages: By default, collection pages have a Collection banner and a Product grid section.

  • Collections list pages: The collections list page displays all your collections that are available on the Online Store sales channel.

  • Custom pages: You can create custom pages in your Shopify admin to create content for your customers, such as an About Us page, or extra information about your products. These pages have no extra settings within the theme editor.

  • Blog pages: Blog pages are the homepage for any blogs that you create within your Shopify admin. By default, they contain a Blog posts section.

  • Blog post pages: Blog post pages display the content of the blog post. By default, they contain a Blog post section. The Blog post section has no customizable settings by itself, but contains the following default blocks: Featured image, Title, Share, and Content.

  • Cart page: By default, the cart page has an Items and a Subtotal section.

  • Password page: The password page displays when password protection is enabled on your online store and a customer tries to visit your website. This page has its own header and footer and contains an Email signup section by default.

  • 404 page: The 404-page displays when a customer tries to visit a link to your site that doesn't exist, such as a product page for a product that you deleted from your store. This page has no customizable settings.

  • Search page: The search page is where customers can search for specific products or pages within your online store. The page contains a Search results section by default.