Lumin Theme theme settings

You can use theme settings to make changes to your online store's typography, colors, social media links, and checkout settings. When you make changes to your theme settings, the changes apply to your

  • Colors: You can choose the colors for the different parts of your online store.

  • Typography: You can set the font style and size for the text on your online store. You can choose a system font or a custom font.

  • It's recommended that you use system fonts in your store. Using system fonts avoids downloading new fonts to your customer's computer, which can negatively impact your store load speed. The font that displays on your customer's computer depends on their operating system.

  • Layout: Layout allows you to set the maximum width that your online store will display in.

  • Social media: You can add social sharing buttons for your products and blog posts, and links to your social media accounts. Links to your social media accounts show in the footer of your online store.

  • Search input: Lumin theme includes predictive search, which shows product suggestions when customers start typing into the search field. Product suggestions can help customers articulate and refine their search queries, and provide new ways for them to explore an online store. They can also let customers quickly browse matches without having to leave their current page to see a separate list of search results.

  • Favicon: You can add a favorites icon, or a favicon, which can help to brand your online store. A favicon shows in the following places:

    • Your web browser tab

    • Your web browser's history

    • Icons on your desktop

    • Besides your online store name when it is bookmarked

    • Note: The recommended size for a favicon is 32 x 32 px. Larger images might be scaled down to 32 x 32 px.

  • Checkout: This section lets you customize your store's checkout.

  • Change theme styles: A theme style is a collection of settings chosen by us (theme designers 😁). You can apply a theme style to your store to give it a polished look and feel. All themes have a theme style applied by default. When you customize a theme, you replace the theme style settings with your own. When you apply a theme style to your theme, you change your current settings, such as colors and typography.

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